Review of the Best ERP Programs

Review of the Best ERP Programs

Dear Readers, Review of the Best ERP Programs. there are various ERP programs available in the market. Companies that produce these software are usually experts in certain sectors. For example, one program is used extensively in a manufacturing company, while another is used extensively in the construction industry. A company that wants to use ERP software examines the ERP programs that are used extensively in its sector and buys the program that it believes is most suitable for it. Since the structure, workflow and culture of each company is different, changes are made on the program after purchasing it. Additional modules are written or changes are made to the ERP software.

The main modules in an ERP program are as follows.

  • General accounting
  • Financing
  • Check-Bill
  • Treasury and Cash Management
  • Personnel and Payroll
  • Sales and distribution
  • Importation and exportation
  • Buy
  • Logistics
  • Inventory
  • Production Systems
  • Cost accounting

Review of the Best ERP Programs

Domestic companies in the ERP sector mostly started as an accounting program, and later on they turned into an ERP program. Foreign production programs started as production tracking and planning systems. They have also turned into an ERP program in the future.

Review of the Best ERP Programs: Foreign ERP Programs


It is seen that SAP is generally used by the largest 500 companies in Turkey. The German firm is the oldest in the ERP industry. It was established in 1972. It has a market share of 25% in the world and 35% in Turkey. The number of users is more than 15,000.


While it was the second in the world ERP market, it became a serious competitor against SAP by acquiring the third company Peoplesoft. It has about 300 installations in Turkey.

MBC (Microsoft Dynamics)

It has been in the ERP market recently. It has a 6% market share in the world. As a market, it has targeted the market share, which is generally called SME. It works with many solution partners in Turkey.

IFS (Industrial and Financial Systems)

With its component architecture, IFC can be installed in businesses in a short time. The program, which can be developed step by step, offers business applications where production, finance, human resources, supply chain management, customer service management and engineering solutions are presented. The company of Swedish origin is used in more than 70 companies, including Bursa and Istanbul.


It was developed by Hakan Karabiber, a Turkish entrepreneur in Germany. The company, which has more than 80 customers in Turkey, has achieved technological superiority with Canias, a new version developed with Java that enables the entire ERP to work over the web. Since it was developed in Turkey, it has the advantages of domestic ERPs.


ABAS has more than 2300 customers and more than 50,000 users around the world. The German company offers ERP and e-Businness solutions. It provides service with 50 business partners and 500 staff around the world. It can work on Linux, Unix and windows platforms.


Reviewing the Best ERP Programs: Domestic ERP Programs


Logo Turkey is the first in the software industry. Founded in 1984, the company has carried its experience and leadership in the accounting industry to the ERP industry. Logo, which is also sold abroad, has launched its Java supported product. It still operates in more than 20 countries.


It is one of the important ERP companies in Turkey. The company, which is a solution partner to many companies in the top 500 in our country, also exports abroad.


Workcube; It is a comprehensive e-businness application software. Workcube, which is a web-based software, offers companies a platform where they can continue their activities over a common database. Workcube is one of the most important platforms that offers the most functions over the common database.


It is one of Turkey’s leading ERP software companies. Teknosel is one of the most preferred companies in the sector with its different service understanding, before the project, in the project applications and after the project. There are companies ranging from paint to textile, from packaging to automotive in its customer portfolio.


Login Software was established in 1989. Provides corporate management IT solutions. The customer base consists mostly of medium and large-sized companies. The aspect of the company’s solution that distinguishes it from other companies is flexibility, reliability and production ability. The capabilities of the program in production operations meet the needs of companies engaged in bespoke production in our country.


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