Refrigerator Buying Guide

Refrigerator buying guide. Today, when it comes to refrigerators, your options go far beyond simply having a glass of ice water without opening the door. With their special panels, you can get a built-in built-in kitchen cabinets, some refrigerators offer door-to-door design and allow you to access frequently used items from the door shelves without opening the door fully. You can even remove a refrigerated drawer and reach the sections where you can put cold sodas, cold wine or ready-made snacks suitable for children. This refrigerator guide aims to help you choose the right type for your family.

Find the Best Refrigerator for Your Kitchen

Refrigerators may not seem as high-tech as smartphones and computers, but manufacturers continue to innovate on them.

Samsung has added large touchscreens to many of its French door and side-by-side models, along with apps for finding recipes, ordering food, watching TV, playing music and controlling smart home devices. LG began producing refrigerators with Craft Ice, which makes large ice balls for cocktails and spirits, as well as models with windows to see what’s inside without opening the door. GE even makes French doors with a built-in Keurig coffee maker. Many manufacturers create door-to-door refrigerators that have a small exterior door above the fresh food compartment door that opens for easy access to produce on the door shelves.

Additionally, a growing number of new models come with WiFi connectivity and an accompanying smartphone app. This allows you to remotely change refrigerator settings and temperatures, receive alerts when a door is left open, and view the contents of your device if it has a camera.

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Choose a Style

There is a refrigerator model suitable for every home. French door models are extremely popular due to their high-end aesthetics. Some consumers prefer the convenience of bottom freezers that keep fresh food at eye level, but because of their narrow doors, they can fit better next to each other in a smaller kitchen.


What You Need to Know for Choosing a Refrigerator


Top Freezer Refrigerators

These traditional refrigerators are good for a lot of storage in a fairly narrow place. They tend to offer the most space for their size. Widths range from 30cm to 84cm. In this model, you have to open the doors for the vegetable and fruit section wide and squat to reach the lower shelves and drawers.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Widths range from 60 cm to 84 cm, but their total usable area is less than comparable top freezers. (Top freezers also cost less.) The freezer that most people use less often is in the lower part of the refrigerator, rather than at eye level. With this model of refrigerator, there are difficulties only in the purchase of frozen goods.

French Door Refrigerators

These have two narrow doors at the top and a freezer at the bottom. Sometimes there is one (or more) drawers in between. Width ranges from 63 cm to 92 cm. Space-saving, small swing doors have the possibility (from an energy-saving point of view) to open only half of the refrigerator when storing smaller items.

Side by Side Refrigerators

These products, which have a refrigerator on one side and a freezer on the other, usually have ice and water dispensers that can be opened from the door. With typically 83cm and 92cm widths, narrow doors are a plus for small kitchens, but the long, thin compartments aren’t wide enough for a pizza box and can make it difficult to find items stuck in the back. In general, they are not as energy or space efficient as other models

Built-in Refrigerators

Pricey, these model refrigerators come in sleek, bottom-freezer, side-by-side, and French-door styles that are built to be nearly flush with countertops. They are usually long (over 216 cm) and wide (76 cm to 110 cm), You can find optional front panels suitable for your Kitchen cabinets. Another option is column refrigerator models that forgo a freezer compartment to maximize fresh food storage and are often paired with a separate column freezer unit.

Calculate the Size of the Refrigerator

Most refrigerators come in a variety of sizes and capacities. Before shopping, you should always measure where you plan to put the refrigerator. The door, corridor, staircase, etc. that the new one must pass through to get to the kitchen. Don’t forget to measure their width and height as well. For adequate air flow, the doors of the refrigerator must be opened and a 3 cm gap should be left on the sides and at the back.

Refrigerator Buying Guide

Review the Energy Guide Label

Energy efficiency has become a major purchasing choice for consumers. All new refrigerators are much more efficient than models ten years ago, but the information on a refrigerator’s energy guide label helps you be as green as possible.

Reviewing the energy label is a good place to start fridge shopping. A product labeled A+ means that it is in or around the top 25 percent of the market for efficiency. However, efficiency varies by model. Look at the energy guide labels of the refrigerators you are considering and compare annual operating costs and kilowatt-hours used per year.


Refrigerator Shopping Tips

Once you’ve decided on a refrigerator model, required dimensions, and features you want, it’s time to start shopping. Many consumers start their search with an online review, then head to the store to review the models they are most interested in.

If you don’t need a new refrigerator right away, wait for some summer sales. Refrigerator prices generally tend to decrease during the summer months.

We recommend prioritizing your must-have features and focusing on the top two or three models, such as the water dispenser and icemaker. The longer your wish list, the harder it is to find models that fit your criteria.

Also, compare and don’t be afraid to bargain or ask for a discount.

Another option if your budget is tight is to consider buying a used refrigerator. You can get a higher-end model for much less than the retail price. The best places to look for used refrigerators are used appliance stores and appliance services. White goods services can usually give a guarantee for a certain period of time.

Refrigerator Buying Guide  Refrigerator Buying Guide Refrigerator Buying Guide Refrigerator Buying Guide


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